Logo Imprinted Golf Tees

Golf Tees
with your name or LOGO.

It's so nice to see your logo printed on your golf tees!  Whether it's Wood Tees or Environmentally Friendly
Tree Saver Golf Tees, they're Great for Golf Tournaments
or Christmas Golf Gifts.
They are also great for Wedding Golf Tees, showing off your love for the game!

Tree Saver Golf Tees are very strong & longer lasting than regular wood golf tees.  They also have a very smooth cup surface, allowing for a great looking logo imprint inside the cup of the tees in addition to your name on the shank!

Personalized or Logo Golf Tees
Your Order is Shipped within 5 Working Days,
and Rush Service is Available.

- We have many Different Types of Tees to choose from:

2 3/4" Logo Golf Tees 3 1/4" Logo Golf Tees Tree Saver Golf Tees Tree Saver Performance Golf Tees Weedding Golf Tees

2 3/4"
Logo Tees

3 1/4"
Logo Tees

Tree Saver
Tree Saver Performance

Logo Tees

Zero Friction Logo Golf Tees Wedge Golf Tees Cup Imprinted Golf Tees Non Imprinted Golf Tees Eco Performance Personalized or Logo Golf Tees
Zero Friction


Cup Imprinted

Unprinted Tees

Eco Performance

Our Wood Tees are the very highest quality, made with 2 coats of paint and 4 coats of clear coating.  This allows for the sharpest imprint, and clearest representation of your logo.  Our inks and paints are both non toxic (in case you were going to ask).  The Tree Saver Tees are very strong, and have certain eco friendly properties. 
A great suggestion - Print your name or message on the shank (side) and print your logo in the cup.  These tees are great for promotional advertising!  We also sell golf Tees without an imprint - Great for gift giving!